Survival manual – on happiness

By and with Chiara Claudi
Artistic consulting Paula Carrara, Laura Raimondi, Elena De Carolis.
Music Emiliano Begni, Antonio Torella, Laura Raimondi, Alex Filippi.

Survival Manual on Happiness is a sung “psychology lesson,” a show about the inner journey each of us can take wishing to savor a moment of serenity.
The protagonists are Voices, expressed through the variations and modulations of actress Chiara Claudi. The Voices of our minds and thoughts, the voices of our emotions, which transformed into characters populate the stage.
And vocality is precisely the medium on which the performer has based the expression of her creativity and with which, together with music, she will accompany us on this profound journey.
What is happiness? What are emotions? How much do they affect our lives? Here are some of the questions that drive us to want to be more aware of the world inside us and the incredible universe that is our mind. Starting from this strange and dystopian period we have lived through, the vocal variations of histrionic actress Chiara Claudi will take us on a journey filled with open questions and intimate answers that have always resonated in the echo of human history. Clare will bring to life a series of curious and farcical characters who will accompany us on our journey to give voice to those dialogues about maximum systems that arise in everyone’s head and somehow guide our choices in the world. Music, Indian legends, moments of lived life, crazy inner dialogues, and songs will be the tools used by the actress to guide us on this journey to the pursuit of happiness. Between Gaber, Battisti, Mercede Sosa, Lucio Dalla and Laura Raimondi’s unreleased songs, music peeps through irreverent, hilarious and reflective moments, becoming the vital junction of the emotions hidden in the words. On the bare stage, there are two microphones, a stool, and a resonating voice. The fourth wall falls and the actress’s dialogue with the audience remains unfiltered, as in the tradition of song theater.
A sparse set design to symbolize the loneliness that each of us faces on our inner journey. A monologue in concert that seeks a connection with the audience, music that embraces silence, an actress who, after a long and golden journey, confronts the most difficult character to play: oneself.

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