the fringe


The Fringe Festival was born in Edinburgh in 1947, when eight theater companies discarded from the first Edinburgh International Festival decided to start an independent festival, bringing their work to the Cathedral of Dunfermline, about 20 miles north of the Scottish capital. The name Fringe actually originated the following year, when Scottish playwright and journalist Robert Kemp wrote, during the second Edinburgh International Festival, “On the fringes [ed. note “fringe”] of the official festival, there seems to be a lot more going on than in the past…”
Over the decades, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival has become the most impressive and important performing arts festival in the world, with nearly 4,000 performances a day in 350 venues for 30 consecutive days (2019 figures).



FringeMI is the natural evolution of the NoLo Fringe Festival, which began in 2019 with the intention of bringing the Fringe Festival to an evolving neighborhood, but even then with plans to expand to other outlying districts of the city. It respects the nature of any Fringe Festival, and is therefore open, inclusive, international, tolerant, multicolored, fun, lighthearted, without forgetting to be thoughtful, reflective, deep, passionate and sincere. But it also adds two special aspects: the focus and Proximity to the territory in which it takes place (understood as a collection of inhabitants, places, and commercial and noncommercial activities) and theorganization divided into districts, each entrusted to an entity that works in the area or otherwise knows the area well, making it a popular festival with the potential to choose the right locations and activate an audience composed primarily of residents.

Official program and fringe extras

FringeMI Festival is currently divided into two parts: the official program, i.e., shows selected, after an international artistic call, according to criteria of technical feasibility, novelty of the proposal and balanced programming that animate the main “stages” of the festival every night for 5 evenings; the Fringe Extra, which brings together other shows, performances and meetings taking place in different locations in the neighborhoods, often with the direct participation of its residents.