Barona is a historic neighborhood of Milan, located in the southwest suburbs (Municipality 6) and bordering the municipalities of Buccinasco, Assago and Corsico and the areas of Giambellino and Torretta – Chiesa Rossa. In the past, it was first a rural suburb and then an industrial and residential area, and today it is a neighborhood undergoing strong change: a neighborhood undergoing gentrification but characterized by a strong local identity and the presence of a large pool of social energy. The established presence of city-scale services such as the S. Paolo hospital hub and IULM University is flanked by the landing of new residential, tertiary and commercial projects that bring the neighborhood closer to the dynamics of the established city, but the presence and resilience of spaces dedicated to cultural activities, sports facilities, public green spaces and opportunities for community life reflect the diversity and vitality of the Barona. The neighborhood boasts many places of interest, including several local markets and numerous cultural spaces, including Barrio’s cultural center, the Barona Village social housing project, and the beautiful rural areas of the Southern Agricultural Park.