Dergano (City Hall 9), located north of Milan, is a multi-ethnic neighborhood with a culturally and artistically vibrant atmosphere. Historically Dergano, along with the Affori and Bruzzano neighborhoods, called “The Red Triangle,” showed a deep-rooted anti-fascist soul, so significant was the intervention of the Dergano Resistance in the events that led to the fall of fascism. The beating heart of the neighborhood is Piazza Dergano, the first that the municipality has transformed into an “open square”: from a widening used as a parking lot, it has become a public space and meeting place, equipped with benches, ping-pong tables and a new BikeMi bike-sharing station. Surrounding the square are numerous cafes, bakeries and bookstores, where citizens routinely gather. Another landmark in the neighborhood is the Nicolo Savarino Park, which occupies the area of the former Bassi Hospital, a place of hospitalization and care until the 1970s. Next to the park is New Armenia, a neighborhood cinema and bistro where stories and experiences can be woven together. Other landmarks in the neighborhood include: Rob de Matt, restaurant and bistro; La Ribalta, craft brewery; Bruno Munari Theater.