San Siro, a neighborhood on the western outskirts of Milan, falls under the jurisdiction of the municipality 7; San Siro is synonymous with stadium, hippodrome, big concerts and mass sporting events, passions and colors, belonging and fashions, culture and melting pot. The area is composite in terms of both urban geography and anthropology; the outline of the neighborhood is defined by the road ridge of Via Novara and the two landmarks such as the San Siro Stadium and the San Carlo Hospital stand out, set in a suburban context where social housing and new residences coexist with places of aggregation. Indeed, the strength of San Siro also lies in the presence of Many active and diverse local stakeholders, each with its own type of intervention and design. These consistently contribute to improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable residents.

San Siro is not just a sports icon but a neighborhood that embraces diversity, combining the past with the present in a context that continues to transform and adapt to the changing dynamics of the city.