The Martesana area (Municipality 2) is a crossroads of different cultures and species, crossed by the waterway that connects Via Padova, Viale Monza e Melchiorre Gioia, and encompasses the triangle of hinterland between Gorla, Turro e Crescenzago. The canal carries water from the Adda River to Milan’s Navigli, and is now navigable again thanks to new area associations offering kayaking services. The Martesana Canal, after much care and redevelopment, has returned to its former glory and to being inhabited by geese, ducks, nutria, moorhens, as well as rare swans and a famous grey heron to which the inhabitants have given the name of Bubble. Along this course are large green spaces full of benches, children’s areas, the newly-equipped sports area, formal and informal soccer fields. When good weather comes, each community residing in the area inhabits the large park in its own way: tables of food and parties, traditional South American dances, games of cards, cricket and volleyball, as well as tightrope walkers, readers, music and much more enliven the surroundings of the Martesana Amphitheater, a theatrical plaza grafted onto the park. It is, after all, the holiday area of the Milanese between 700 and 800 (witness the patrician villas at the height of Via Padova-Crescenzago) and has remained an area of relaxation, now increasingly populated by small establishments characterized by a special attention to the quality of raw materials. A neighborhood that welcomes the new, maintaining at the same time a strong folk authenticity.