The Città Studi Acquabella urban district is located in City Hall 3, in the area straddling the Città Studi University Pole and the so-called Acquabella area – named after a 15th-century farmstead near what is now P.le Susa and the irrigation ditch of the same name that ran down into Piazza Guardi, crossing the entire area to the San Faustino farmstead at Ortica.

Today this area, historically peripheral with respect to the rest of the Municipality’s territory, is undergoing a strong transformation: with the opening of the stops (Argonne and Susa) of the new M4 subway line, it is a candidate to become the southeastern ‘gateway’. The urban changes are accompanied by those in the composition of the social fabric: in the last decade new young families have chosen homes in the neighborhood and together with the historical inhabitants are giving it a new identity.