NoLo (City Hall 2), born as a working-class neighborhood starting in the first half of the 1900s, with small neighborhood stores, a frank conviviality and typically Milanese solidarity, is today on the one hand one of the most multiethnic neighborhoods in Milan, with 35% of inhabitants of non-Italian origin and from all parts of the globe, and on the other hand an area undergoing great transformation in which small entrepreneurs open venues and associations find fertile ground for their social actions. In NoLo the marginalization and petty crime issues of the initial part of Via Padova coexist with a jewel of educational integration such as the Trotter school, and the urban regeneration models of the Via Venini area. An area, in short, that rises to the fore at times as a place of difficult integration, others as one of the most culturally vibrant areas of the entire city, which finds its raison d’être precisely in this variety of lifestyles, approaches, and cultural identity.