The neighborhood Lambro Park of Milan is located in the northeastern outskirts of the city, specifically in City Hall 3. It is one of the greenest neighborhoods thanks to Lambro Park, one of the largest parks in Milan, crossed by the river of the same name. The neighborhood is linked to many prominent figures, such as Angelo Rizzoli and the Rizzoli publishing house and Don Mazzi with his Exodus Foundation.

Surrounding this large green lung of the city, major projects such as PERIPHERAL PINOCCHIO with Cascina Library and Educators Without Borders. These places coexist with different realities that work to transform disability into a resource and offer the most fragile people pathways and opportunities to live independent and fulfilling lives.

The Cascina Library Cooperative manages the WeMi Space, adjacent to Lambro Park, at 47 Rizzoli Street. The Space offers listening, guidance, information and proposals for dedicated services, including home-based services such as creative art and theater workshops and study support meetings for young people. This Space will be the venue for the show chosen for the FringeMI Festival.