Scattered absence

By and with Luca Oldani
Dramaturg Jacopo Bottani
With audio contributions from Dr. Paolo Malacarne, Dr. Ugo Faraguna, Dr. Francesco Tani
With the support and production in residence of Fondaz. Policlinico S.Orsola ONLUS Bologna.
Production Teatro della Caduta.
Supported by Fivizzano 27, Carrozzerie Not, Teatro India, Teatro di Roma, Mittelfest, Polline Fest and Officine Papage.

Show winner of InTransito Award 2019 – Show finalist Petroni Award 2019 – Show winner of MittelYoung 2022 – Show finalist at PollineFest 2023 Show finalist at Casa Cervi Festival of Resistance 2023 – Show presented within Rai Radio3’s “Futuro Presente” review

Corridor. One waits, one thinks. Things go together, after all. Always.
In the other room, where we will occasionally enter without knocking, without being discreet, as if we are not inside a context, in that room is pain.
It is stationary. It does not speak. It wants answers.
In the other room is a boy. He is in a coma. A friend.
They gave brain death as certain; machines are keeping him alive.
In that room one waits. Answers are sought.
And meanwhile, in this helpless waiting, pain wants to be called by name, wants to be teased, wants to make us run away. Perhaps it wants to be revived, the pain. How do you do that? We don’t know anything: whether we will leave, how long we have to stay, why we have to stay, nothing.
Scattered Absence is a non-story, a non-story made up of comic, grotesque, absurd, sometimes concretely naive, doubtful, desperate attempts to react to pain, to try to be in it, while all around those who are there and waiting in the waiting room meanwhile scatter some absence.
The absence of those who appear to sleep but do not sleep, those who appear to be dead but are alive, those who live as dead.

Siamo qui