RAP – Requiem To The Poet

with Pouria Jashn Tirgan and Emanuele Fantini
dramaturgy and direction Pouria Jashn Tirgan
original music Emanuele Fantini
dramaturgy and direction Pouria Jashn Tirgan
co-production Teatro del Lemming
Winner Bando Cura 2022
Alberto Dubito Award Finalist 2023

Everything is ready to bring to life the requiem on the program, a requiem different from Verdi’s or Mozart’s. The last prayer to the deceased from an opera becomes a modern concert.
Leading this irreverent “mass” are two figures reminiscent of Hamlet’s gravediggers, who, between song and verse eloquence full of puns, keep “digging” to give proper burial to the dead.
Two performers, two hybrid figures cross rap music, spoken word and spoken music, experience a continuous flow where words and music flow without ever stopping. The performance is constructed as an album, within which each piece opens to a different theme: nature and resource exploitation, borders, war, the precariousness of youth, the legacy of the contemporary family; it begins with an intro and ends with an outro. There is not a story to follow, but an experience to live.

Duration: 50 min
TW Vulgar language, Divisive or disturbing themes.

Siamo qui