The Political Body

by and with Sara Pezzolo

Performance within the path/workshop the political body aims to think about women’s bodies as a means of communication and as a political medium. The intent, with this project, is to try to create a space for a possible and civilized negotiation, for and among women. The workshop creates a place for further discussion on how to overcome and transform social and cultural patterns, conventions, and barriers. We will immerse ourselves in body practices, movement, practices on expressiveness and more. Together we will also address theoretical debates related to physical practices, sharing the step-by-step evolution.
Together we will produce radical, path-breaking acts in which the body can become the means by which we express ourselves, despite the fact that we may be judged for it. The body can be a space unto itself, strenuous, extreme and experimental, inexorably connected to life, the theater of relationships between people. We will discover a body subversive in its existence, essentially political. The intent of the path The Political Body is to give each one a chance to try to liberate her soul, awaken her “Vìrāgo” side (Woman endowed with the requisites of physical strength, courage and manly resolve; woman accentuatedly masculinized in behavior) that is within each of us. Together, we will try to reclaim the right to make art and with it revolutionize every existing hierarchy. Free, warrior-like and determined.

Free admission without reservation

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