My particular sign

Based on the novel “My Particular Sign” by Michele D’Ignazio
dramaturgy Michele D’Ignazio and Maria Antonia Fama
directed by Maria Antonia Fama
with Marco Zordan
Realized thanks to the support of Naevus Odv Italia, the Association
Italian giant congenital nevus

Michele was born on January 7, 1984. His parents can’t wait to meet him, to pick him up, to take him home. But when they see it for the first time they are amazed! On his back the little one has something: a kind of cape, just like that of superheroes. Thus began a thousand adventures, in and out of hospitals, among doctors, operating rooms and endless rolls of gauze. A fairy tale for young and old that comes to life in an old playroom. A dialogue with a mischievous shadow. A magical trunk from which life comes forth, amidst puppets that come alive and dialogues with curious little ones. All “Freaks of Nature” like Michele, who did not even have time to introduce themselves to this world that they already had to travel, jump, run and struggle. Born tu run, born to run, but with a suitcase. Each with its own particular sign.

Siamo qui