Michelangelo Vood

With Michelangelo Vood
Event in collaboration with the Terra Amara Association

Michelangelo Vood was born in 1991 in the foothills of Mt. Vulture. There he grows up surrounded by unspoiled nature, which becomes a cornerstone of his production. In fact, Vood is not only the surname of his mother, to whom he dedicates his artistic journey, but also a reference to the word wood (bosco). Michelangelo’s pen – powerful, melancholy and romantic at the same time – won him first place in the 2019 Genova for You author contest, held by
by Universal Music Publishing.
Since 2023 on the Carosello Records roster, Michelangelo Vood has released several singles that will make up his debut album due out in May 2024. Many live shows in 2023 including Arci Bellezza – Milan, Dieci Festival – Florence, Suoni di Marca – Treviso, Eat Sound Festival – Como, Apollo x Spaghetti Unplugged, Beat Festival – Empoli, Sofar – Milan, Vulcanica Live Festival op. Giorgio Poi, Sofa so Good @ Magazzino sul Po – Turin and many others.

Free admission, reservations on DICE.
Compulsory membership card (5 euros). A minimum voluntary artistic contribution of 10 euros is recommended.

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