Clothed in white

text by Giulia Sara Borghi and Stefania Buraschi
With Pietro Grava, Nicholas de Alcubierre, Laura Angelone, Flavia Marchionni,
Alessandro Pozza, Nicola Sirtori
subject and direction Luca Bellé
scenography and stage movements Giada Fossà
a Chorós theater production
realized with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo and the patronage of the Municipality of Broni
In collaboration with Calypso APS
we thank Teatro Officina, Spazio Artemista and Proxima Res

1980s. A wedding banquet is held in a provincial restaurant, with great anticipation for the guest of honor.
It is an account of the ordinary everyday life in a provincial town where social, political and environmental life is burdened by the presence of a large asbestos-cement processing factory. The community now seems to have given up the struggle over the need for a secure wage at the end of the month, thus accepting its own health fallout as a risk to be borne and a price to be paid.

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