Gené Comedy Night

Review curated and presented by Matteo Zaffarano (@zafcomedy)
With the collaboration of Elisabetta Alessio – owner and organizer of the Gené events

Since its inception in March 2022, Gené Comedy Night has been held three Thursdays a month, a fixture of stand-up comedy in the programming of the venue of the same name. After an initial year of experimentation with different formats that
brought comedians from all over Italy to the stage between 2023 and 2024, the artistic choices ranged widely among new talent, hosting mainly Open-Mic evenings with first-time comedians, young up-and-comers as well as professionals, presenting their unreleased material to the audience. In this two-year period we have hosted and organized in collaboration with several comedians and other spaces such as Arci Turro, comedy workshops with a focus on comedic writing and early stage techniques.

Free admission, reservations at the venue tel. 3801762161

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