Damathra, 1962

song theater show
for voice, accordion and guitar
written, directed and performed by Riccardo Dell’Orfano

In the winter of ’62, a young man from Southern Italy arrives in Milan’s Central Station, greeted by fog. His is a common story: a simple boy from the southern countryside defies fate in the big metropolis.
In his story we find ancient characters from an increasingly distant and increasingly beautiful Milan: General Cadorna, a red-haired cat who lives on the barges of the Naviglio, the Rosetta, who beats at both Piazza Vetra and Porta Romana, the saints and drunkards of the old taverns, the young washerwomen and sweet seamstresses of the Naviglio Grande in search of a morose, a whole city of fresh water and thick fog, of naive hearts, young and eager for another life in beautiful Milan, a story told and sung as it used to be done.

Siamo qui