Roundtable discussion on live performance in the suburbs of metropolitan cities
In collaboration with C.Re.S.Co. (Coordination of the Realities of the Contemporary Scene) and Ateatro

An afternoon of reflection on what has long been happening in the performing arts in marginal territories of metropolises once called, with a certain note of disdain, ‘suburbs.’ Through the recounting of case histories of cultural excellence and public and private interventions in marginal areas of metropolises and possible positive influences and osmosis of cultural creativity on urban regeneration, we want to reason about what has happened and is happening in Italy, compare ideas and results, and imagine possible future scenarios.
All starting with that phrase, which gives the day its title, with which in 1948 the Scottish journalist Robert Kemp pointed out what was happening on the outskirts of Edinburgh, giving the name to what would henceforth be called the Fringe Festival.

They have confirmed their attendance as speakers:
Stefano Bosco (Officine Caos – Turin), Sabino Civilleri (PrimaOnda Fest – Palermo), Hilenia De Falco (Teatro Area Nord – Naples), Linda Di Pietro (Chief Cultural Officer of BASE Milan), Francesca D’Ippolito (President of C.Re.S.Co.), Marianna D’Ovidio (Associate professor of sociology of environment and territory at Bicocca University), Antonino Pirillo and Giorgio Andriani (Teatro Biblioteca Quarticciolo – Rome), Oliviero Ponte di Pino (Co-founder of Ateatro).

Free admission without reservation

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