Ursula and the little gold fish

a performance by ORTIKA
concept, direction, stage space and puppets Alice Conti
dramaturgy Alice Conti and Chiara Zingariello
look Valeria Sacco
lighting design Alice Colla
sound design Dylan Alexander Lorimer
staged Alice Conti
co-production Teatro della Caduta e il Mutamento
with the complicity of Ferrara OFF and LabArca Milan
Childhood Scenario 2020 finalist

At the end of Pushkin’s fable The Little Golden Fish, the fisherman’s elderly wife, driven by a fever of unlimited accumulation of wealth, has lost everything. Now Orsòla prepares to fish alone, to survive herself. She catches the gold fish she wants to skin, guts it and finds a bundle wrapped in a thermal blanket in it, a dark-skinned baby girl. She revives her, chases her away like a bug, finally looks into her face and cradles her.
It is the story of a relationship – unexpected and unwanted – that transforms both of them, an unconventional love relationship. A shocking contact between worlds so far apart, as exotic and yet familiar and intimate relationships between generations, such as between great-grandmother and granddaughter, can be. As between old and new citizens, natives and migrants, fishermen and gold fish. The encounter with the Other is always a shock and a mirroring. Two human-sized hybrid puppets and an actress sing a contemporary story of solidarity and coexistence. In a world that rocks and periodically collapses the only wealth is human wealth: we are all on the same boat.

Free admission, by reservation only for family members of guests of RSA San Francesco D’Assisi, reservations at info@rsasanfrancesco.it

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