TWO – Whale song for lonely penguins

with Mattia Lauro and Claudia Nicolazzo
dramaturgy Mattia Lauro
lighting design Luca Giacomini
directed by Greta Bendinelli and Mattia Lauro
STAP Brancaccio is thanked for its support.
Scenario Award 2023 finalist show

Delilah and Umberto loved each other for a number of years, sharing the joys and sorrows of daily life. And, after their relationship ended, they decided to meet in front of an audience to go through all the stages of their story. Which did not end well for one specific reason: children.
Which they don’t have, but are beginning to talk about. Because both of them… don’t want to have any. In the most absolute way! Until he changes his mind, starting the chain of events that will lead to their end.
But those who have changed their minds once are bound to do so again, and who knows, this “theatrical” meeting of theirs may turn the tables again.

Duration: 60 min
TW: Vulgar language

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