with Marta Pistocchi and Alessandro Sicardi
directed by Rita Pelusio
by Domenico Ferrari and Rita Pelusio
original songs by Marta Pistocchi
sets and costumes by Ilaria Ariemme
Marta Pistocchi production in collaboration with PEM Theatrical Habitat

If rats could talk what would they say about our city? And if they could sing what songs would they tell it with?
From these provocative questions comes Toponymy, a theater-song show that stages an imaginative conference of mice that analyze the rules and lifestyles of our cities with biting irony. A different and lateral point of view: the perspective from below of the last, the marginalized, but also of those who see in urban landscapes an infinite possibility, a laboratory of sociality that can unite much more than divide.

Ages 8 and up

Siamo qui