Once upon a turning point

By and With Gaia Magni
Live music: Francesco Rocco
Performance VERY loosely based on “And they all lived happily ever after” by Emma Dante
Dramaturgy: Gaia Magni

On stage an actress, a musician and 21 characters played by a single narrative voice. A musical reading that retells the fairy tales of our childhood in a totally new key, hilarious, absurd and with a strong female point of view.
The author-actress’ pen is characterized by being ironic, comical and simultaneously sharp and cynical. The musician on stage is not just a musician, just as music is not just music. Both are actors in their own right
effects, playing with an electric guitar and a classical guitar, create dramaturgical action, in a continuous dialogue with the actress and the audience. Viewers in this work may laugh from start to finish, but they will leave the theater thinking about how stuck we still are in judgmental, marginalizing, and toxic mechanisms,
circulating in our veins for generations.

Free admission with offer from 5€

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