Theater with a hat

directed by Massimo de Vita
scenes Carla Cipolla and Gianluca Martinelli
music choices Beatrice Sinigaglia
Singing Beatrice Sinigaglia and Luca Aiello
lights Beppe Sordi
with Massimo de Vita and Pietro Versari
production Teatro Officina

An interactive show that traces as in a kaleidoscopic catwalk 40 years of Officina Theater’s repertoire, offered to the audience through the formula of an à la carte menu in which the viewer chooses the piece he or she wishes to re-watch among the many fragments extrapolated from our repertoire. A menu that offers, for example, the great humorists of the 20th century, scenarios from the Commedia dell’Arte, poems from our dialectal tradition as well as from the international tradition, some fragments from the holy books (Torah, Bible and Koran), the much-loved Pasolini, but also pieces dedicated to soccer, and then workers’ memoirs, and testimonies of refugees.

Siamo qui