The Marveled

written and directed by Antonio Catalano
performed by Matteo Curatella
costumes by Francesca Biffi
music by Matteo Curatella
LeMat production

“The Marveled” is a reflection on simplicity, an amazed look at feelings, nature, and primitive things. At the center of the stories Catalano tells there is always a marveler, that is a character who has been able to “get sick” of wonder at simple things and, by passing this feeling on to other men, has in turn become a bearer of wonder: Nuno, who marveled at the clouds struck by the wind. Storyteller Matteo Curatella, directed by Catalano, tells this story by becoming a Marveled himself, transforming into a cloud, taking and releasing the memories, memory and stories that clouds hold.

Suitable for ages 7 and up

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