The difficult loves

With Alice Bossi, Paola Galassi, Lucia Invernizzi, Lucia Nicolai, Alice Pavan, along with the* guests and operatric* of the RSA San Francesco D’Assisi
Prod. PRAXIS in collaboration with Piccola Accademia of Cascina Library.
Superhero rappelling carried out by Acrobatica (EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A.).
Community event of The Difficult Loves project, realized with the contribution of Fondazione Cariplo

Italo Calvin recently turned 100 years old, almost as old as some residents of RSA San Francesco D’assisi. Actresses from PRAXIS and Little Academy of Arts from February to May read aloud The Adventures of Calvin’s The Difficult Loves aloud to RSA guests, collecting their anecdotes, exclamations and dreams. Now actresses and guests join together for the last reading and to tell the neighborhood what difficult loves are from their perspective, in an engaging and interactive community show!

Free without reservation

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