The champion and the mosquito

With Francesco Micca, Lodovico Bordignon, Lucia Giordano, Marco Andorno, Paola Bordignon, Sebastiano Amadio
A creation of Faber Teater and Mario Chiapuzzo
In collaboration with Circolo dei Lettori Foundation, Turin and Museo dei Campionissimi, Novi Ligure
Text and direction Mario Chiapuzzo
Bici Museo dei Campionissimi, Novi Ligure
Under the patronage of FCI (Italian Cycling Federation)
Costumes, masks, banners, bike processing Faber Teater

Editor’s note: This is a 4-stage traveling show starting and ending at the Trotter Park entrance on Giacosa Street, suitable for audiences of all ages. To participate in the show you must arrive at the start with your own bicycle.

Everyone is on a bicycle in this atypical show, to cross space and time on the river of the twentieth century, pedaling. The characters, all wearing masks, are Time Guides who take viewers by the hand, accompanying them along the life of an extraordinary cycling champion, Fausto Coppi.
The 20th century flows under their wheels. Moments from Coppi’s life and historical facts intertwine like poetically propelled news between stations, squeezing and stretching time, making everyone exist only in the present tense. In the stations, the most memorable feats are recited, such as the assault on the Galibier, and many other victories and defeats, until the final encounter between Heron Fausto Coppi and the little African mosquito that stung him. Everyone has their place in this epic ride.

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