The best day of our lives

musical creation workshop by PaT – Passi Teatrali aps
direction and dramaturgy Fiorella Merlin
assistant director and choreographic movements Gledis Cinque
musical direction: Massimiliano Carulli
music by Andrea Santoriello, Cristian Cavalli
set designers Brera State Art Institute
Costumes Brera State Art Institute
With Margherita Vascon, Giulia Ragone, Alice Marulli, Cristian Cavalli, Emma Travaini, Andrea Santoriello, Cristina Ceravolo,Leila Ali
Milan Black Boys: Halifa Jang,Hamza Njin, Haruna Manneh, Lamin Lanboy Jadama, Lamine Faty, Muhammad Sama, Musa Keita, Oumar-Bangs Bangoura, Ousainou Khan, Ousman Njie, Sulayman Drammeh

A musical with a strong theme: PASSION. It is a story told in multiple voices, a journey into the multicultural youth world of carefree and light-hearted friendship, with all its lights and shadows, in which actorly play, dance and song become a vehicle to tell of dreams, fears and the critic in the head that prevents one from recognizing and giving that passion a chance. Maga, through the magic of play, will give the group the knowledge that true success lies not only in achieving the goals recognized by the
society, but also in possessing human qualities such as kindness, creativity, and spontaneity.

Replica of the community musical FORMELAb created thanks to the involvement of young people aged 15 to 24 in the territory of the East Milan belt (Forlanini, ORtica, MEcenate, LAmbrate: FOrMeLab). The project stems from obtaining the MusicaMi call from the Milan Community Foundation in partnership with other local entities: CasciNet a.p.s. (lead partner), Il Mecenate a.p.s. and Industria scenica The young people involved come from the neighborhoods involved, from the CAS Mancini of the MediHospes cooperative, and from the Brera State Art Institute (which also took care of the sets and costumes).

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