Written, directed and performed by Gemma Brockis and Silvia Mercuriali
sound design: Lewis Gibson
a Berlin, Nevada production
Co-produced by Museum of Art of Kochi (JP)
Funded by The Arts Council of England

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, the play assigns the city in which it takes place the leading role. From Brisbane to Yokohama, via Kochi, Athens, Bristol and London, Still Night constantly changes shape and color, reflecting the city around it.

‘How is it that you know of this city?
It is only now I have dreamt of it!’

Still Night takes the form of a lecture with fantastic tones. A reading of Milan, seen through a multiplicity of lenses, in which real events and places mingle with imaginary perspectives, until something changes, and the room in which the play takes place disappears. A bridge between two dimensions, the city becomes increasingly elusive, to the point where it can no longer discern the real world from the fantasy world.

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Siamo qui

still night