project and direction Gabriele Boccacini
Original music performed live by Riccardo Ruggeri.
performer Dario Prazzoli, Stefano Bosco, Erika di Crescenzo, Gigi Piana
technical direction Sancho Sangiorgi
production Stalker Theatre
In collaboration with Dept. Edu. Rivoli Castle – Museum of Contemporary Art.
with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Piedmont Region, City of Turin
international premiere Imaginarius International Festival 2015 (PT)

An interactive urban intervention, an exciting game suitable for all audiences, an installation/performance with a strong visual and musical impact.
Starting from the idea of “inhabiting” everyday places, the performers with the collaboration of the audience create an original stage construction, an essential, colorful and participatory environmental architecture. Viewers and spectators will thus find themselves caught in a kind of happening, a unique and unrepeatable event that blends the elements of artistic creation and collective play, community ritual and celebration.

Event open to all and all, free admission

location to be determined


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