Sleep. Ironic docu-show on the mysteries of sleep + Meditation on deep sleep

By and with Nicola Bizzarri
Set design and costumes Loredana Mazzoleni
Technical Assistance Luca Pozzoni
Practice conducted by Dina Nerino

Every night, each of us closes our eyes, completely forgets our surroundings and begins to travel to a fantasy world full of love encounters, sex, reckless adventures, monsters, accidents and twists and turns…and then…unfortunately, the alarm clock rings…but what happened?
Nic wakes up in the middle of the night, or at least he thinks he is awake, his eyes are open, his mind is almost clear, but his body is completely paralyzed, Nic is having a shattering experience, he is having sleep paralysis! In a complicated attempt to explain what happens to him, Nic will meet sleepwalkers, people who cook in their sleep, others who have sex, still others who kill, people who cannot sleep, and others who have tried not to
sleep for days, finally meeting scientists who have studied sleep and its secrets.
Alternating between ironic and documentary moments, the show sheds light on sleep and its mysteries. After the performance Sleep, participants will be led into a state of deep relaxation, into what is called by Eastern traditions “conscious sleep” in that it brings the practitioner into a sleep-like condition while maintaining the
state of consciousness. The body therefore rests, is deeply asleep and immobile, while the mind is relaxed but alert. The conscious sleep practice, in which the audience will be led, also will be joined and combined with ancestral sounds and practices of connecting with nature. Indeed, by helping to cultivate ecological consciousness, and our inner nature, we plant seeds of transformation in the nature outside us and encourage kindness.
This discipline is very useful in cases of insomnia, anxiety, stress, nervousness, irritability, anger, hypertension, helps fortify memory and concentration, and promotes calmness and mental serenity. In addition, 45 minutes of sleep
conscious well done correspond to 4 hours of sleep.

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