Pyramus and Thisbe

By and with Baracca’s Clown

An ancient Greek myth tells of Pyramus and Thisbe, two young lovers who will die at the foot of a mulberry tree without ever having been able to approach, embrace, touch. Moved, the ancient gods did not want their love to be lost
Along with their bodies. Even today, mulberry blackberries have the color of blood and the sweetest taste of their innocent love. Even though Mr. Director tries to explain it to them, the two clowns don’t understand much about this myth, they would like to make people laugh, do somersaults, slap each other, embrace… but you can’t… between them impassable, there is the wall of conflict.
Yet friendship overcomes every wall every barrier. Red as the clown’s nose, sweet as mulberries, friendship is a great remedy with a strange side effect: IT MAKES YOU LAUGH!!!!!! Pyramus and Thisbe classical clowning show, so classical that it almost speaks Greek.

Free admission, reservations at +39 353 450 7193

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