Poems from below

by and with Vincenzo Zampa
artistic advice Ksenija Martinovic
dramaturgy Vincenzo Zampa
music: Vincenzo Zampa
with the participation of ANSIAH
thanks to ARTIST FIRST
production Il menu della poesia

Poems from Below is a song in verse and prose for electric bass and a man, also short but of stature.
A search for poetry in everything, even in the, admittedly, lower things, considered “dirty” and often devoid of poetry. A one man show between poetry slam, song, protest and catharsis. A narrative of those who have made poetry the art of making do and those who poetically make do as they can. A story in verse that “sings” about the human and working condition of the performing artist and entertainment worker and those who unwittingly make entertainment by becoming a draw despite themselves.
A narrator, a microphone, an electric bass, a pedalboard to give effect and an amplifier on stage, also of emotion. The light is what is there. This will be followed by a live performance by ANSIAH, in “perfect concert” with the theme of the show. ANSIAH’s lyrics, also “violent” and provocative, tell all the artist’s malaise, doubts and anger. ANSIAH brings with it a mysterious, dark, almost grotesque imagery, yet so close to reality that the desire for rebellion grows.

Siamo qui