My mom is a notary but also makes risotto

by and with Filippo Capobianco
costumes and props by Martina Lauretta
lyrics and music by Filippo Capobianco

“My Mom Is A Notary, but Also Makes Risotto” is a show that combines the languages of performance poetry and song theater to tell a coming-of-age tale that confronts the fears and desires of Generation Z.
Moscerino wants to be an actor when he grows up, lives in a house full of mirrors, and has for a friend his library, Bibli, who can find him new words to play with every day.
It’s all right, isn’t it? No.
Moscerino does not know how to talk to his mom, and there is no way his mom, an important and always busy notary, will talk to him.
The desire to communicate, in every way and by every means, accompanies him through the years, from story to story, between Achaeans and nutrias, music and mathematics, cosmologists who fall in love with flat-earthers, and terrible examination boards to whom he entrusts his future.
The guide in this wacky coming of age is one: poetry, which is also the last key to allow Mama and Moscerino to finally look into each other’s eyes.

Duration: 50 minutes

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