Milan Bella D’Addio

Curated by Tempi diVersi and Yourban APS

“Milano bella d’addio” is a participatory poetic narrative journey about the changing city and changing relationships within the city, starting from one of the symbolic places of Milan’s transformation: NoLo.
The event consists of two distinct moments in dialogue with each other: the performance “Pop-Up Civilization” curated by Effetto Larsen through which experience the theme of relating to the other today through bodily expression, followed by a poetic walk, open to the public, in the iconic places of the neighborhood to tell, from the streets and in the streets, the contents produced by the workshop
– 4 p.m. – Pop-up Civilization by Effetto Larsen at Martesana Amphitheater;
– 6:30 pm – Departure poetic walk from Martesana amphitheater by Tempi diVersi, Yourban APS, KBB Orchestra.

Pop-up Civilisation: free admission, with reservation on DICE
Poetic walk: free without reservation

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