Italian-style funeral

text by Benedetta Parisi and Alice Sinigaglia
with Benedetta Parisi
voice off Michele Coiro
sound Fabio Clemente
lights Daniele Passeri
costumes thanks to Sandra Cardini
photo Andrea Macchia
directed by Alice Sinigaglia
production SCARTI Centro di Produzione d’Innovazione and TPE Teatro Piemonte Europa

“We will be dead for much longer than we have been alive … “: not without comic élan, a young author and performer explores the most talked-about social ceremony. From Eduardo to family memoirs, anthropology to religion. Funerale all’italiana is a monologue that does not want to be a monologue. It is meant to be a celebration, a collective moment, a shared narrative. The audience is welcomed into the hall as if in a church, invited to attend a funeral, which, however, does not take place, which is transformed into play, anecdote, and story. The narrative escapes, lost between past and future, in continuous interplay of cross-references and passages of time that tell us about family and tradition, ancestors and descendants. Going to meet the dead and the living and inhabiting their bodies, the performer will trace a path within memory and the funeral ritual, now encrusted with formality, in search of a moment of truth in which, perhaps, a sense of ritual may still be possible.

Duration: 50 minutes

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