Guerrin meschino

loosely based on Andrea da Barberino
with Sara Corsini
and the voice of Alessandro Rossi
live original music by Alessio Zanovello
illustrated by Sara Bernardi
calligraphy Leonardo Cuccia
written and performed by Alessandro Ciacci

In the beginning was the chivalric novel Guerrin Meschino, a Hollywood blockbuster ante litteram, with its irresistible pages full of exotic adventures (and love affairs, monsters of all sorts, journeys to hell…), which recounts the exploits of Guerrino, “the son of fortune,” known as Il Meschino, or the loser: a human and fragile (super)hero in search of his own identity.
The theatrical adaptation by Alessandro Ciacci (“Alberto Sordi” Award 2022) fully enhances the evocative power of the original text, its compelling and performative dimension but transposing it to the sensibility and taste of today’s viewer.
The end result is a unique show, a verbal merry-go-round of the most hilarious interpretive inventions, a refined and popular kaleidoscopic saraband that unites the performers (on stage, also actress Sara Corsini and musician Alessio Zanovello) and the spectators (called upon to improvise on several occasions) in a common entertainment.

Entrance fee. Purchase on DICE.

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