Subject: IV C (Bintiya, Nicolas, Edy, Aleida, Nima, Karam, Lojain, Stephan, Fatma, Abdullah, Arohi, Alessia, Youssef, Fahim, Luca, Asia, Marco, Mimma, Anita, Andrea)
Director: IV C and Francesco D’Alessandro
Screenplay: IV C and Francesco D’Alessandro
Scenography: IV C
Costumes: parents of IV C
With the participation of: Miriana Baldacchino, Roberto Rapetti, Aram Ghasemy

Milan, 2024, Trotter Park, Grioli Pavilion: what are little girls and boys doing with cameras? What is behind that painting? Didn’t that silhouette move? How do the killers begin? And finally, what does it have to do with
Trotter’s school with that of Athens? Giallo is an attempt by girls and boys in a fourth grade class to connect
questions, experiences and meanings woven into a school year and offer them to the community.
Giallo is an opening made by people who have chosen to expose themselves because “it is easy to take applause from parents and family members. We may get criticism but we can also meet new friends and hear their ideas.” Will we have the courage to listen to each other? Because Giallo is neither an ‘interrogation nor an investigation into the weapons of crime; it is more an investigation into the motives of cultures. It is a Giallo story, a story so true that it has turned into a stage play; a play that came out (alive) of school. Giallo: do we know how to sound out the world?

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