Generation Pasolini

dramaturgy and direction by Marta Bulgherini
with Marta Bulgherini and Nicolas Zappa

In an impassioned and irreverent stream of consciousness, Marta Bulgherini, on stage with Nicola Zappa, recounts that Pasolini “you don’t expect.” A lighthearted, irreverent, de-sanctifying, deeply accusatory, terribly honest show.

The show about Pasolini you don’t expect. The play about Pasolini that is not about Pasolini. Lighthearted, irreverent, de-sanctifying, deeply accusatory, terribly honest. And always, inescapably, passionate. Buckle up ladies and gentlemen: it’s on!

Raise your hand if you, like me, pretended to have studied Pasolini: I see you, raise that hand! Come on: Pasolini is too demanding, too big … too much everything to bear; better to pretend to know him, right?
But then I wonder: what if the resistance to Pasolini is symbolic of a broader resistance to engagement? What if this resistance arises because we don’t know what we want to commit to? Ah! I need a beer, to reason. Buckle up: we set off on a journey of unknown destination, accompanied by thorny questions that have no answers… But that maybe, it is worth asking.

Duration: 60 minutes

Siamo qui