Gaber to Gaber

With Enrico Ballardini and Riccardo Dell’Orfano

Presented by Odema

It is a neurosis, a tennis match between bourgeois, a tavern cantata, a dialogue between two actors and singers … and musicians, who from the very beginning are confused about who should
make the show – about who the real Mr. G. is.
With excerpts from the vast repertoire written by Giorgio Gaber and Sandro Luporini, the continuous attempt is sought to unmask the individual embedded in a society
exhausted that he himself helped build. By placing the actor and the viewer before the reflection of the self, the mirror shows all areas of being. Among
poetic, psychological and political, human beings come to terms with their own dualism.
In this theater-song show, the words of Gaber and Luporini are treated as a universal classic, a reminder that the work of these great artists
cannot cease to narrate its universality … without (alas) having to consider that things written fifty years ago, are still pretty darn current.

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