DIGITAL THEATRE DITTICS – MeDea TeDeum and Orphei Fabulae

Digital theater video-art project by and with Mataro da Vergato
In collaboration with IULM University Milan

One after another, two films (one inspired by Euripides’ Medea, the other by Poliziano’s Fabula of Orpheus), which are not just films. Two performances that are not just performances. In short, an exciting and surprising unicum, in which filmed theater merges with film and digital, and where all the parts are played by a single actor, Mataro da Vergato, also the creator and director of the work, a multifaceted artist who has collaborated with great artists such as Rudolf Nureyev, Vittorio Gassman, Carla Fracci, Ottavia Piccolo, Jerome Savary, and Nikita Michalkov, and whose digital painting works have been exhibited at the Venice Biennale and the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York.

Admission fee €5, purchase at the cinema box office

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