Dear Chatbot + Creativity, art and AI

by and with Silvia Galletti and CHARLIE
dramaturg Francesco Cocco
ILA technical realization
technical support Francesco Bonati
a co-production of Festival Più che Danza (Milan), FDE Festival Danza Estate (Bergamo), Festival MILANoLTRE (Milan)
Developed within CIMD Dance’s Incubator 2022/2024 project.

Dear Chatbot is a choreographic project in which the interaction with CHARLIE* sets in motion a performative mechanism that varies from time to time, in which the viewer witnesses and participates. Human and non-human intelligence, individual and collective, dialogue and confront each other giving rise to a parceled, mechanical and infinitely reproducible process that questions how we inhabit the space of choice and the play of creation.
*CHARLIE is an_ experimental chatbot designed and created in collaboration with an artificial intelligence expert Talk on “Creativity, Art and AI” with artists Silvia Galletti and Wally (Nettle Noodles). Prof. Pier Vittorio Mannucci of Bocconi University will moderate the meeting.

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