Dandy Alighieri

by and with Filippo Capparella and Giacomo Tamburini

A cabaret from hell, in which characters from literature are sung, twisted and revised in all their comedy!
In this unusual trip to hell, characters from history and literature are twisted, contaminated and sung by the poetry of an infernal cabaret. Among others, we will meet: a spinster Don Juan, a Jesus who was not invited to the Last Supper, and a Leopardi too devoted to autoeroticism…
Two actors accompany the audience, like Virgil and Dante, through the boils of a comic and awkward hell, which becomes a pretext for giving voice to the damned, to the last, to those who have lost love or hope and, by virtue of this loss, claim the right to make poetry known to us. Dandy Alighieri is a theater/cabaret project with original songs that aims to reappropriate the tradition of folk song, stornello and avanspettacolo, drawing inspiration from the figure of the acrobat and the comic couple to relive the most told, incredible and controversial journey in world literature.

Duration: 50 minutes

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