Curricular theater workshop led by professors Roberta Romussi and Maddalena Lazzati
With the 27 students of the 1I of the Liceo Classico Carducci high school.

The open square on Beroldo Street for one evening becomes theater. Starring the 27 students of the 1I of Liceo Classico Carducci who will stage a reinterpretation of the Odyssey, “Circe,” in a preview of their end-of-year play under the stars.
The result of a curricular theater workshop led by Professors Roberta Romussi and Maddalena Lazzati, the high school girls and boys will represent through choral scenes some decisive moments in the myth of Circe and her strange human and divine identity and sensibility.
Transformation, magic, and metamorphosis will take shape in a three-stage traveling show that will take place entirely on the School Road.

Free admission without reservation

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