Capitalist ecology

by and with Pietro Cerchiello
music by Tommaso Imperiali
directed by Ariele Celeste Soresina
Creative Residences production
With the support of Fondazione Cariplo, Smart Italia, Fondazione Claudia Lombardi Lugano

January 2020. Peter moves between disappointments and theatrical failures. He participated in about 200 national calls for proposals, without winning a single one, setting a record among entertainment professionals. In June 2020 he is selected for the Rome for the Environment Festival. Yet another disfigurement: meat and plastic-loving Peter at an ecology festival…

The narrative, a boy’s reflection on the world surrounding him. The present, the past, but especially the future. Thoughts about big systems are intertwined with small personal fears that don’t let you sleep. Strange dreams. Apocalyptic scenarios: Peter plucks the rooster that crows three times, Jesus multiplies loaves and fishes without ceasing, the ram mourns the return of the prodigal son. Is man in danger? Man is the danger.

For a concrete, popular theater. Without rhetoric, goodness and pity. Who gives the bread to the bread and keeps the wine for himself. Capitalist Ecology | God does not sort.

Duration: 60 min
TW Vulgar language, Divisive or disturbing themes.

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