By and with Giada Bonanomi, Manuela Caruso, Roberta De Santis, Raffaele Massa
Director Davide Del Grosso
Production Labyrinth Theatre

“Welcome to Sunday brunch! What, are you afraid that your being ordinary will make you unwelcome guests? Don’t be silly, this is the right event for you. Here you will not find surprises, unknowns, personal drama or engaging stories. Storytelling is not at home here my dears. On the other hand, captivating boredom, extreme judgment and a hint of surrender will be the guests of honor.”

Boredom is a frenetic, irreverent, at times comic, often grotesque narrative that is meant to counter, but actually underscores, a desperate escape from apathetic malaise. Fear of emptiness and the subsequent escape from it are the central themes, a kaleidoscope of grotesque and sometimes surreal places and situations. Everyday micro defeats play a key role in the narrative. In contradistinction to the artificiality of vacuous dialogues, which only seemingly fill a silence that mistakenly frightens, it will instead be the moments of emptiness themselves that generate, through their own intensity, a hope of escape from social cages. “So, what are we waiting for? Cheers…cheers…to us.”

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