Bob Marley: how reggae changed the world

by and with Duane Forrest
John McGowan production

“Bob Marley: How Reggae Changed the World” by Duane Forrest is an electrifying tribute to reggae legend Bob Marley. In this fascinating live music performance, Toronto singer-songwriter Duane Forrest, whom FringeMI audiences have already enjoyed in the 2023 edition, narrates a mesmerizing journey through Marley’s life and the cultural impact of reggae. Drawing from his Jamaican roots and musical career, Duane deftly weaves storytelling and live musical performance, enchanting the crowd with touching renditions of Marley’s timeless hits such as “One Love” and “No Woman No Cry.” With his warm voice and skilled guitar playing, Duane effortlessly embodies Marley’s spirit, inviting the audience to sing along and immerse themselves in the infectious rhythms of reggae. This powerful tribute showcases Duane’s deep connection to Jamaican music and heritage, promising an unforgettable experience for all.

Duration: 60 minutes

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