By and with Daniele Vagnozzi
Director Daniele Vagnozzi
Ruben Albertini Soundscapes
Sound design Danilo Randazzo
Scenography Mattia Settembrini
Lightning design Manfredi Michelazzi
Technical contact person Denise Brambillasca
Assistant director Alessandro Savarese
Locandina Edward d’Ostilio
Photography Beniamino Finocchiaro
In collaboration with Compagnia Caterpillar
With the support of Panettone Theater of Ancona
With the contribution of Banca BCC di Ancona e Falconara Marittima
Thanks REC106 Studios, Giuliani Occhiali, Gigolé Abbigliamento

Have you ever thought that you would like to solve your psychological problems on your own? And if you were in therapy by yourself, what would you say to yourself? A comic and poetic monologue about the rocambolic relationship between young people and psychotherapy.
All the therapists in town are momentarily full, and Amedeo, a 30-year-old man desperate for help, is at a loss for what to do. So he decides to start following the wacky advice of Italy’s most famous psychologist, Dr. Honest, who in his famous program teaches how to self-help through positive thinking. Will Amedeo make it to the end of this hard road? Between self-administered psychoanalysis and absurd dreams to self-interpret, he will make a journey into his own subconscious until he appears before the most fearsome therapist of all time, himself.

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