20134 that if you look at me from afar you see my face, that if you look closely you see my soul

Presented by OrMe Association – Ortica Memory
In collaboration with the art collective Orticanoodles and Succo d’Arte

20134 is a guided walk among the murals of the neighborhood, the smallest neighborhood in Milan, to tell an unusual Ortica, straddling reality and vision. A journey that finds its fulfillment in a reading, telling all over again, in a kind of inner labyrinth in which to lose oneself and then find oneself again.
20134 is a dialogic journey between those who set out and have eyes and ears to see and hear and a neighborhood with its murals, painted on the walls of houses, on embankments, under tunnels. That if you look at it from afar you see its face, that if you look closely you see its soul.
20134 departs from the SANFAUSTINO5 multipurpose space on 5 San Faustino Street at 5:30 p.m. and returns there after a tour of about an hour and a half. Tour stations are liable to be updated.

Free participation, reservations on DICE

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